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The Targeted Sale

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Create TOOLS

for your business

Businesses today are focused on the wrong methods and styles of selling. Based on the antiquated AIDA model, they still try to quickfire features and benefits, look for a glimmer of interest , assume desire and then push for a sale.

In any relationship and educational sales methodology, now needed for the astute purchaser, and especially the businesses of today, you need to layer the sale, seed loyalty and devotion and make the purchaser appreciate your input in solving their challenges or issues.

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Create a Story

for your business

One simple added strategic objective, can translate into a huge benefit for your business, laying the foundation of multiple future sales.

We are not talking about providing coffee and doughnuts (although you could) nor are we talking about expensive personalised free gifts, (although you could add in further down the Sales Machine System process).

The most effective add-in costs nothing to produce apart from skilled training. We can show you how and increase your sales instantly and significantly over  the next 2 years!


Sales Machine System

The Sales Machine System (SMS)

We teach you the 10 point system and all of the musts you need to deploy in each area

System Fundamentals

There are three main parts to the Sale Machine System (SMS) and we take you along each of them. initially, Embed, Strategise, Hire & Maintain

Developing SYSTEMS

Most businesses have never taken a step back to develop an over-arching strategy, looked at their marketing weapons or honed their aligned delivery.

Data Analytics Advanced

Get the stats, drive the stats, pull them apart with the people that can make a difference. 

Increase your bonding skills and retain customers longer.

Keep pace

with innovation

Define your target audience and then redefine better

We will show you how to make the numbers work for you. Turn the prospecting pyramid upside down, by strategising your every move.

Find out the best way to pitch to the CEOs and Boards of Directors.

Learn how to make people want to buy, even if they didn’t think they wanted to, with no tricks!