What is the Sales Machine System (SMS)?

The 21st Century demands a different style of sales. The millennials are now not only in the workplace with their different values and life goals, but they are moving into middle and senior management. They have different ways that they want to be treated. They want different objectives to their work and social goals. Above all, they do not want to be sold to from a cold organisation that doesn’t demonstrate that they care about them, the environment, the future or the community.

How do you counter the potential barriers? How do you work with millennials to help them achieve their life goals? How do you actually speak to them and not your pre-conceived needs that you have for them?

The answer is simply provide  relationship and educational sales system that really gets to know them and their perceived needs, explain to them the working of the services and products you are supplying and let them see for themselves the obvious answers. 

In any relationship and educational sales methodology, now needed for the astute purchaser, and especially the businesses of today, you need to layer the sale, seed loyalty and devotion and make the purchaser appreciate your input in solving their challenges or issues. SMS does all this from the Lite version, restructuring your sales foundations, getting people motivated and ‘buying-in’ thoruggh to getting the extra help you need for front, middle and back office (if you have them).

In the lite version we show you the 10 ways to hold effective meetings and implement your strategy, as well as getting the whole staff to rally round and sort out the problems with your clunky, ineffective and clogged up system. We show you how to strategise for now with complete future proofing and even work with you on how to hire superstars, the ‘A Listers’ that you need to boost your company past your competitors.

This is a one one site visit of up to 6 hours.

Once you have embedded the initial elements of Embed, Strategise, Hire & Maintain, then moved onto the 7 essential marketing power tools you need to maximise the effect, how to build better and more compelling visuals and attract more buyers, masterclass in script building, the final two elements really solidify it all, and ensure that the whole staff are performing above expectations.

SMS Lite

We will evaluate your current process, Identify log-jams and bottlenecks, help you create your strategy, train your teams, rewrite your scripts, show you how to operate weekly workshops and build your own sales system. This is a one day visit and meeting strategy.
£ From £1,999 Plus VAT
  • Identify the restrictors in your business
  • Create a workable and effective strategy with you for increasing sales
  • Operate weekly workshops with your team/s and Senior Management to amend your processes.

Video Assessment & Report

We will interview you online and provide a written report on the areas you could improve.
Free (for a limited time)
  • Zoom Call - From your office to ours
  • No Obligation - Doesn't cost you more than 30 mins
  • Free Ideas for Improvement to your marketing
  • Further assistance available on request


This option provides all of Lite above plus how to get the best buyers for your business (B2B OR B2C) and the 7 essential marketing power tools you need to maximise the effect, how to build better and more compelling visuals and attract more buyers, masterclass in script building and all this on a day by day basis with our weekly workshops and 4 days on site weekly for 6 months. You will need an increased marketing budget, but many of the things we share are free.​
£ From £15,000 Plus VAT
  • Get the best buyers for your business
  • Sharpen the saw, constantly make sure you are offering all you can to your clients
  • Find out how to bond with your clients and pre-prepare the follow up and referrals


Two final elements remain to be added to the SMS and bring your whole system to the level of Compliant Sales Training master operators.
We don't just stop at the SMS, as an extra service we can provide all of the SMS above plus the final ingredients that keep you on track way into the future .
£ From £25,000 Plus VAT
  • Using all the lessons learned and changes needed from SMS, add embedded value
  • Creatively set targets for the whole team, and then break through them.
  • Measure your effectiveness in all areas and get the team to sell themselves by using the power of human competitiveness