What we are trying to achieve

SMS Sales Training Multiplies Sales

We have been reported as; Compliant Sales Training Challenges The Status Quo With Our Sales Machine System.

As a Founding Fellow of the Institute for Sales Professionals, I have seen very little innovative change in selling from when I first qualified in the industry in 1988, after my Royal Naval service. Often any innovation is trampled on by senior managers or directors that don’t understand the changes suggested or needed; they prefer to keep hacking away at the jungle, despite actually being in the wrong jungle!

The Problem

  • Sales people are too salesy for the modern sales environment, but many need help to change to something new.
  • Sales people were taught in many different ways but over the years and even today, their sales process is based on the antiquated AIDA model.
  • Too many people in businesses today see their job as what is written on their job spec; not their part in heling the business win customers.
  • Too much focus on self-actualised silo walls that staff seem to put up to keep their ‘domain’ private and they don’t fit into the bigger picture.
  • So many owners, directors and senior people do not have any defined strategies for the individual section of the sales process.
  • Many businesses have a poor (if at all) defined customer journey and opportunities worked out to maximise their ROI of the cost of acquisition.

The solution
I am a veteran of both armed forces and industry in the last 30+ years. As providers of innovative sales strategy, Compliant Sales Training, has the wholehearted intention of helping businesses to create “sales superheroes” with our unique sales machine system after years of study and research. This is done with leadership and respect as well as extracting as much willingness from all staff from sales through to office juniors.

I and the team at Compliant Sales Training look set to disrupt the status quo in the business environment with the creation of the “Sales Machine System” or “SMS”. The SMS is a product of years of extensive study and research designed to set new standards and help organisations build a learning culture from the scratch and ultimately grow their brand and stand head and shoulders above the competition.

                “Our Sales Machine System creates an education and relationship sales system for all businesses to use. By combining rapport, probing and sales techniques with the foundation of training and accurate, effective procedures, firms can double, triple, quadruple and more, their sales within 12 months. “I recently stated, and know it can work.

Studies have revealed that top-performing organisations are five times more likely to have learning cultures, suggesting a culture of learning is a key component of business success. Work environments that support continuous and collective discovery, sharing and application of knowledge and skills also tend to experience lower staff turnover. We fully advocate mandatory training. However, creating a fun environment for people to learn relevant skills can sometimes be daunting, which is where Compliant Sales Training is looking to make a difference, with me bringing my expertise and wealth of knowledge to bear, by servicing all of our clients personally. on a weekly basis at their place of work.

Compliant Sales Training offers a unique combination of facilitating training sessions for all staff, providing bespoke surveys and quizzes as well as employing 10 different training methods, two of which are deep and intense. These tools are designed designed to enable participants to use their observational skills to identify areas that need improvement in a constructive and rewarding way while staying focused on the objectives of the company. The tools are transferable to senior management over the close working period of up to 6 months, with ongoing help and assistance available after that. The goal is to help employees and the business in extension to avoid the common pitfalls that inhibit learning, break down siloes and get all staff to work together for the overall achievement of their strategic objectives and the eventual and consequential success of the company.

                    “We can work with you to teach you the 10-point system and all of the musts you need to deploy in each area from developing your strategy, training, upselling and bonding with your clients for the long term. If done right, new clients will want to stay with you because they will see you as inside their “inner circle” of friends and family.” 

Compliant Sales Training offers the Sale Machine System (SMS), with three main components – Initially Embed, Strategise, Hire & Maintain. It helps businesses to develop an over-arching strategy, examining their marketing weapons and turning the prospecting pyramid upside down to make potential customers, including CEOs and Boards of Directors buy.

So if anything, what strategic objective/s does you business have defined as the top ones to aim for? We can show you at least  8.