'A' Lister staff are free.

You need top people in your critical roles

We all know that there are ‘C’ type people, ‘B’ type people and ‘A’ type, rock star, A lister type people who make up the workforce of today. 

Your ‘C type people’ are those who find just about every reason why they shouldn’t work, or if they do do it, it needs replacing, re-doing or supervising every step of the way. These are the people who moan about being on low pay and should be paid more; after all, they show up don’t they? These people work for maybe 20% of their time. What the C types don’t realise is that their skill level is so low, they don’t have the right attitude and struggle to apply any skills they may have to the task at hand. These people have to be supervised. To do their job to an acceptable standard, you need to have a supervisor or line manager to oversee their work between 10% and 30% of the  time. These supervisors have to be paid by you, so their cost comes out of what you pay the C types. These people cost you up to 5 x their benefits package.

‘B types’ are the career workers who will never set the world on fire. These are the plodders, the ‘Managers’ or other key people who you can rely on things being done, in a routine way, and they work about 50% of their time. They have to take care of personal business, chat to their co-managers or teams in non-formal meetings and do a bit of surfing on Amazon or Ebay for the things they cannot afford. Then, and only then, do they concentrate on the job at hand.  If you want something done on a repetitive basis, need something created that follows policy or captures recent changes needed, these guys are ideal, as long as it doesn’t have to be done anytime soon. These people cost you up to 3 x their benefits package.

‘A listers’ are a breed apart and can usually hit the ground running, as soon as they start working for you. They are achievers, attainers, doers, organised, structured, compliant, adaptive, creative and offer suggestions and mentor others without a reservation. They will help you run the business by providing the backbone to all businesses, sales and more of them. You know that they will upsell, x-sell and multiple sell where necessary and appropriate and they will provide incredible insights on the sales made, the teams performance and the products or services you sell. They cost nothing. Would you hire and pay someone £100,000 per annum that grows your business by £1mn in 12 months? Of course. Would you hire and pay someone £250,000 per annum that grows your business by £10mn? in 3 years? Of course. Therefore, they coast you nothing and effectively pay themselves.