What Drives Sales In Your Organisation?

SMS Sales Training Multiplies Sales

Your staff culture drives your sales.

With undisputed data, it’s a fact that top-performing organisations are five times more likely to have learning cultures, suggesting a culture of learning is a key component of business success.

“An organisation’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage,” according to Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric.

At any one time you will have 10% of your staff in a “Learning Mindset” according to the Harvard Business Review. The other 90% will attend training and learing events because they have to.

Lower staff turnover happens in a work environment that supports and encourages the continuous and collective discovery, sharing and application of knowledge and skills at the individual, team and indeed the whole organisation.

Developing a culture of enquiry; an environment in which employees feel comfortable brining to the table anything that may challenge the status quo without fear of ridicule or intimidation is something to be coveted and nurtured to fruition.

Individuals feel that they can make decisions and take risks to enhance the quality of the customer journey, deliver faster and better service for themselves, their team (department) and shareholders or other stakeholders.

Learning how to learn is a skill that can only be encouraged, facilitated and grown., but it has to be fun, relevant and constructed in such a way that everyone has a voice.

What does that look like in action? To find out, we’ve identified around 10 different training methods that keep it mixed up and can be light hearted but carry the company message. Alternatively two of the methods are deep and intense, calling on everyone to use their observation skills and identify areas that need improvement, but in a constructive and rewarding way.