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How Not To Get Your Message Out There

I was looking at a post on LinkedIn earlier today and realised that companies are still marketing to themselves. What do I mean?

IFAs in the UK are Independent Financial Advisers. Financial Planners and investment advisers. I say the post that stated they were one of the few companies that had over 50 advisers and that they were set up by an IFA for IFAs? I find this extraordinary, as you would surely expect them to set up their business for their clients?

This then follows onto our belief that firms should never use “Elevator Pitches” or quote their “USPs” as it states YOUR strategic position or what you do better than anyone else; a focus on YOU, YOU, You!

What you should develop your USP into is a far more strategic and helpful statement, linked perhaps to your mission statement or values, rather than simply how clever you are. A more outward and client encompassing outcome statement will do far more to build trust than bragging or boasting.

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