Common Myths in (Regulated & Unregulated) Sales

A sales strategy is a set of decisions, actions, and goals that inform how your sales team positions the organisation and its products to close new customers. 

No it is not! A sales strategy is multi-faceted. What are your objectives for every customer interaction; trust? Respect? Expert? Need identification? further data gathering? Brand recognition or awareness? There are so many and most companies do not have any defined at all.

Building Rapport doesn’t work, as when I show them my products, they get cold and distant.

Wouldn’t you? The human psyche does not like to be sold to, so stop doing it. AIDA is dead and should have been cremated decades ago. Today’s successful companies educate and inform, build a relationship through trust and respect and a willingness to want t help the customer with their issues and challenges.

When the sale is complete, if there are any problems we just let customer services take over, don’t we?

That is a loser’s view of sales. Today’s successful salespeople are constantly nurturing the customers . Account management is an incredibly important part of the sales process, encouraging loyal, happy customers, and leveraging further cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

The SMS we teach you shows an entire customer journey through brand enhancement, targeting, focused activity, multiple sales and complete nurturing and relationship building. 

Don’t your customers deserve something better? Don’t you deserve a better standard of living?

We are not allowed to cold call anymore, are we?

That depends on your industry, but if you can’t cold-call, you can surely warm call. With targeted and focused marketing, you can get so many inbound enquiries that it will keep you busy, instead of the current scatter gun approach used by so many sales teams. At CST we train you in the Sales Machine System (SMS) where everyone in the company works towards not only the sale, but cross sales, upsales and future sales.