Estate Agent/Mortgage Broker

Listings were taken on a totally reactive basis, mortgages were leveraging the listings, the listing sales rate was 30%,with average sale was around £4,000 Mortgage success was around 45%. After analysis and introducing the SMS, sales increased to 83% with average sale increased to over £6,300 and mortgage success romped on to over 72% with more cash buyers due to better quality listings.

Plumbing Retailer with CCA Permissions

Plumbing retailer was looking to arrange rent/lease of a high cost piece of equipment but wanted to source the best professionals, as existing methods of newsletters and google ads were not working and only 2 units sold to date. Introduced SMS and within 3 months they were selling 2 per day!

Communications Retailer

Too many salespeople were giving away too much margin and complaints had ballooned. Regulatory Best Practice was in danger as well as scrutiny. After implementing SMS Lite, training the sales force to sell, using only 8 out of the 10 training styles, they more than doubled their sales in the next 12 months after core training finished and with the ongoing training and quadrupled them in year 2!

Clearing up years of customer service issues in a morning

One company (whom shall remain nameless) had a lot of internal procedure problems, disjointed and misaligned processes and a raft of complaints that nobody ever seemed to get to the bottom of. After implementing SMS Lite, with remodeling their sales process from a back office perspective, cleared the decks for triple the sales in the next quarter; all in just a morning workshop - effectively three hours.

Compliance Team - Wealth Manager

Compliance were floundering. There were process issues, scoring issues, documentation issues and inter department rivalries. Checking files had a huge backlog, what they were checking was not consistent or clear. Advisers were pulling their hair out, Managers were frustrated as bonuses were missed for the team. Morale was low. Implementing SMS techniques over a 6 week period streamlined, rationalised and represented the procedures and resulted in a 40% uplift on productivity.

Online Sales Team

By assessing the training, listening to the sales, customer support, technical support, management and the 'risk' team, the problems were obvious. Cold contacts were so cold, they were frozen out in a competitive area. Introducing some fundament add in and bolt-ons, the cost of acquisition was increased by 17% and the sales increased over 260% within the following 3 months. After full 12 months (with regular sessions) the ROI was over 400% for the firm