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Can You Believe That?

I got a revealing telephone call …

Hello again,

Yesterday I got a telephone call that showed every possible aspect of what not to do.

The caller introduced herself at a very fast pace, so fast I couldn’t catch her name or the company, but she then launched into saying something about a survey and no selling. It was apparently for a business directory which features prominently in Bing and Google searches.

She started by asking if if the business details were correct – freely abvailable on the internet through Google, Yell, Bing, and many others. No state secrets, I affirmed them all. Then she asked me my name, to which I gave her my first name, it’s no secret, people have called me this all my life. She then gabbled, “that is a very fine name.” Then she asked if I was the owner of the business? This started alarm bells ringing.

Now part of the SMS we teach is preparing your database for approaching your dream clients. On my various websites I comply with the UK Companies Act and have my name and the registered company address displayed. This is also freely available from Companies House. They had not done any real homework.

Not only did they not check that it was OK to continue with the conversation or check that I was not busy, but they had no intention of adding value, because she then moved onto a ‘preperation’ assumptive statement explaining that business need to be listed on directories on the internet so more customers can find them. Anybody with an ounce of common sense knows this. Then she gabbled out that she would connect me with an agent that can offer low cost listing options for my business.

She broke two of the golden rules about selling. 1, she was totally insincere and did not actually listen to the answers and, the most important rule, she LIED!

I just love these types of calls because they have it all wrong. That’s why they only get a 1-2% response, often from the unwary. Statistics show that up to 80% of these people, tricked into the sales, will not renew next year.

In the SMS we cover all these aspects and make sure that you have hooks in which you can then pull the prospect into a meaningful, value added and meaningful conversation, addressing their needs and ensure that you never lie.

There is no need to lie. If you tell lies, they will come back to bite you and you lose any credibility you may have had. You also leave a bad taste in the prospects mouth.

You should always make sure your wording for your telephone, or any other approach, is factually accurate. There may be an impression given, but never tell an outright lie; it is not professional. The same should also be used when you are getting around the gatekeeper when dealing with businesses. The personal assistant is exactly that, and although cannot tell the CEO what to do, they do listen to their PAs regarding other things and feedback about callers.

That’s all for this time, I thought I would share these gems with you.